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The Band Sebastian Dominates World iTunes Charts

The Band Sebastian’s Featured Artist on the album cover is 9 years old drummer-prodigy Nicolas Sebastian Aguirre, son of composer Sebastian Antonio Aguirre.

San Jacinto, California (13 April 2020): At the untimely passing of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Sebastian Aguirre described as having perfect timing of the four song EP hitting #1 on the iTunes Top 100 World Music Album Charts. Aguirre, who has had an extraordinary High School Vocal Music teaching career collaborating with Southern California Public High Schools and Performing Arts High Schools, has been the front man of the band for more than four years before working with Amada Records. Over 4 months later, The Band Sebastian’s “My Love Won’t Wait EP,” showcasing the child prodigy Nicolas, charted iTunes merely weeks after its release on January 31st on the Amada Records label.

Despite being rocked by the unexpected Covid-19 pandemic that occurred in March, The Band Sebastian knew that Amada Records would maintained afloat economically during these unparalleled times.  The template was marketing the EP that contained hauntingly beautiful World/New Age music “Meditation” and “April” composed by hit-maker Sebastian Antonio Aguirre.  The opening track “Ave Maria” vocals by Sebastian who is also a classically trained tenor is sublime,  “We titled the EP ‘My Love Won’t Wait’ because of the raw talent and marketing value of my son Nick” which features the 9 years old prodigy on live drums, said Aguirre.  The title-track “My Love Won’t Wait” is a song the group has performed on stage for years, making instrumental contributions to the track were contemporary guitarist “Emo” Emad Allaedin.

BREAKING:  "The Band Sebastian" signed a Record Contract with Amada Records/Universal Music Group Distribution in December 2019!  

"My Love Won't Wait" EP (Amada Records) will FINALLY BE RELEASED January 2020 !  Join my email list for free "The Band Sebastian" music !

     "The Band Sebastian" is a musical group out of Orange County, CA.  Formed in 2016, "The "Band Sebastian" has a youthful, tenor vocal tone and romantic lyricism combined with a unique piano and drum style that blends soulful pop and rock sensibilities in a positive vibe on-stage persona by singer/songwriter Sebastian Aguirre and his son, 9 year old Drummer Prodigy Nicolas Sebastian Aguirre 

“The Band Sebastian"'s song "You're in My Dreams" has been aired on HOT 103.9FM out of Ontario, CA !  "The Band Sebastian" has performed on "Sketched Sounds," "Granted Radio," and performed LIVE on WEDNESDAY 10/16/19 in San Bernardino, CA at 8PM on Oye Tu Radio with Monibee Hensley !  Coming soon to Texas and Arizona based Internet Radio Stations ! 

NOW RELEASED ! As heard on KCAA 102.3 FM out of Loma Linda, CA with “Angel Baby” Rodriguez...

“Head over Heels (Radio Version)"

Music and Lyrics by
Sebastian Aguirre